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30 June
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Hey all,
I live in Bellingham Washington. I've lived here for the past 16 years.
I'm a drummer/ percussionist of 25 years and I've recorded, toured, and even was in a band that would've been featured on the Spider - Man 2 movie sound track! Didn't happen, long/short story.
I'm 35 and my birthday is in June... actually the whole month! I love October too!
I live a very paranormal life and have lots of ghost stories to swap. I've lived in and worked at several haunted places.
I love to travel, and I love the desert and ghost towns! Zoos, aquariums, and any place with wild animals.
June and October are my two favorite months. I LOVE fall and pumpkins.
I'm currently writing a travel guide to Woodland Park Zoo (in Seattle) with my parents. I'm really into reading and writing.
I'm into my music too, I own almost 2,000 CDs of several styles of music. I am totally into movie sound tracks. '80's music, heavy metal, hard rock, blues and world music are favorites.
I love ethnic and cultural diversity.
Movies are awesome. Love Batman, Zorro, Indiana Jones... anything SCI - FI!
B.B.Q.s, holidays, and family time are umportant to me.
I hope to meet some cool people and make new friends and maybe even hook up with some of you!
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