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Nothin' in particular... [Sep. 25th, 2007|09:13 am]
[mood |blahblah]

Hey, just thought I'd stop on by and say 'Hi!'. I'm still heavily into MySpace, but I've been meanin' to stop by LJ and see what's up. Hope all is well with every body...

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Long time no post... [May. 5th, 2007|10:26 pm]
[mood |blankblank]

Well, I've stopped by once again, cuz it's been a while. I do miss it here and have considered stopping by several times this last month, but...
I'm really in an awkward and 'unfamiliar' state of feeling lately. Things just feel 'blah'.
I won't go into a huge tirade on MySpace, but I've now got 1001 friends and a ton pending yet.
Anyway, not much elss to say and still be brief, so I'm gunna fly.
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Thing's are good... [Apr. 12th, 2007|12:27 am]
[mood |contentcontent]

Well, I stopped to say 'Hi' the other day and my computer weirded out on me.
Anyway, I can't help but feel a little bashful, seein' as how my MySpace is where I stop religiously two or three (or more) times a day any more. I've only got 810 friends and 660+ pending. I have met new friends in my home town here that we talk on IM and are planning on doin' the hook up to have good times (one hot chick wants to do coffee or a movie some time soon!!!). I have a friend in Maine who wants to introduce me to Stephen King... they live 2 towns apart! If I can get my bad self to Denmark, Maine, I'll get the personal intro and a huge ass lobster dinner! I have gotten personal responses from musicians that I used to tell my self 'If only I could ever meet them ( I could die a happy man!) and these everyday (yet popular) folk are just cool people! Jerry Donahue who does guitar work for Elton John, Mariah Carrey and others, said hi and said he was in between studio gigs, and was glad I'd said hello! It's just amazing and awesome!
I also have huge numbers of Star Wars, Star Trek, Muppets, Marvel and DC comic characters as friends. Lots of super models... and they all drop me a hi every now and then!
I'm kinda blowin' a gasket in a fun way meeting all these folks, or people who wish they were these folks.
I've got several Air force/ Navy pilots... several who fly outta N.A.S. Mira Mar... that's Top Gun School to us civilians. I have some of the toughest men and women in the world on there...
Sorry to gush so much, but it's so personal getting to know all of these people, and having them respond to me personally! I'm fascinated by all of these hundreds of people who are just cool folks. It's just so cool.
Anyway, things are very, very good here, and I'm just enamored (and with good reason) with MySpace. Both Kevin James and Harrison Ford have dropped a line to me! Oh, well...
It's almost 1 in the A.M. here, and I need to wind down and crash. I do sincerely hope that is well for all here in LJ-land.
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Wow! Having too much fun! [Mar. 28th, 2007|09:50 pm]
[Current Location |Well... it was MySpace, but now...]
[mood |excitedexcited]

I dunno, I'm really getting hooked on my MySpace site. I now have 477 friends and about 640 pending. I have an armada of Star Fleet/ Star Trek folks of ALL sorts... Klingons, tribbles, Andorians, shape shifters, Romulans, sexy Vulcans, even the ships themselves are my friends! I also have Mr. Miyagi, The Cobra Kai, Van Damme, Segal, Mr. Norris, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Anthony Hopkins, and innumerable bands of every genre and style! A huge amount of the Star Wars Universe is on my friends list...
At any rate, my right index finger has a cramp from all of the friend add requests!:0
Well, I just stopped for a brief up date and now I'll be off to read and crash. Tomorrow is a day off, but I have official business do attend to at about 7 or so, and need to be up around 6:30 or so... gotta crash soon.
Till next time!
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Just an up date... [Mar. 25th, 2007|08:57 am]
[mood |contentcontent]

WEll... MySpace is down all over, so since I'm doing my internet time, I figured I'd burn some over here.
Drum lessons were AWESOME yesterday! I only saw one student, but talked to several new potentials! I might just end up filling 2 or 3 days with just giving lessons!
As of last night, my MySpace friends list was up to 221, with 443 pending. I should break a thousand easy here by next weekend. I still like my lj, I just think that MySpace is a little more indepth.Anyway...
It is some what early for a Sunday... I might go read for a bit before heading off to work.
Hope all is well out there!
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MY NEW ADITCTION!!!!!! [Mar. 24th, 2007|08:45 am]
[mood |gigglygiggly]

Wow! I've been spending both quality and quantity time over on MySpace... I absolutely LOVE it! I you don't have a MySpace, or aren't sure how to use the one you've got...
Presently I have 193 friends and 331 friends pending! That's 34 pages of new friends to be added. Here in lj-land, that would be an astronomically suicidal # of new friends... over there, it's only a handful, as some folks have tens of thousands of friends... I want to be one of them!
I've got movie stars, rock stars and porn stars in my friends gallery! I've got a lot of the Star Wars Universe there too! I have characters (as friends) from every era of Star Trek, AND the people who played the character! Hell, I've got the whole Borg collective as my friend! A TON of bands and musicians that I'd grown up with... some I'd met a time or two, and others I've always wanted to know!
Then there are all of my friends that I see all the time... it's great that they could turn me on to this thing! I've got the CSI crew for friends, and most of the Mortal Kombat contestants as friends! Space Ghost, Zorak, Brak, and Boltar are all my friends!
Oh my! I am having WAY,WAY TOO MUCH FUN THERE!!!!!!!!! The Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi sent me a 'Sarlacc Bunt cake'. It had gummi worms for tentacles, a halved kiwi for the mouth, and a Boba Fett sticking out of the Kiwi! I loved the sentiment, coming from a friend who could or would digest me for 1,000 years!
Any how, I need to shower and get stuff together, I start giving drum lessons today! Need to leave very soon...
Hope you all can come visit MySpace land... IT'S A HOOT!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Wow! Today has rocked! [Mar. 19th, 2007|05:37 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

Well all, I am now the official head drum instructor at the Noisy Neighbor music store in Lynden! I have 3 students on Saturday, and some looking at Thursdays. I start on Saturday, and pay dates are the 5th and the 20th, which will off set the 9/10/11 pay days and the 24/25/26 pay days that I currently have! $24 an hour... like, TWIST MY ARM!!!!!! I won't be setting the world on fire here, but it will help me HUGELY! It will also bolster my XS/ Nutrilite business! This is too awesome. I'm a little nervous, but that's to be expected.
I've got quite a bit of My Space stuff done today! It actually looks like a real My-Space now!
Anyhow, this is great stuff!!!!!!
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Gotta work for an hour, in an hour [Mar. 19th, 2007|09:03 am]
[Current Location |Gettin' work done]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Well, today would be a day off, but... I'm filling in on an A.M. visit close to home.
I'd posted a couple of things about the end of last week, the care givers conference, and what not. Well, I left a couple of things out that I've certainly given much thought to over the weekend, such as... I ran into (ha,ha not literally) my friend Larry Miller on Thursday night at the gas station. He owns the only music store in Lynden. I thought it had closed, but Larry told me that business was so well, that they moved to a new building. They now have 2 drum studios, and no drum instructor... Larry offered me that spot about a year and a half ago, or two. Timing was not right for me then, but now... Gunna check on that one today.
Also, at the care givers conference, there were several agencies that were 'selling' their employee benefits, such as work 20+ hours get full bennis, and/or higher pay. I'm kinda wanting out of the care-giving racket, and I actually have it pretty easy where I'm at. It's just 2 paydays a month strewn so damn far apart are killin' me and making me want to look for something more. So, I'm gunna look at least and see what's what.
Finally, I got in touch with a couple of friends from back in my high school days. I talked for almost 2 hours with my old friend Duane. I'm looking forward to hooking up with these folks and making up for lost time.
Any how, I'm feeling very hopeful with the new potential 'work' stuff on the horizon.
BTW, if I start teaching drums at the Noisy Neighbor (music shop), I'm going to see if I can sell my meal replacement bars and XS Energy drinks to my students, or outta the store! I can grow my clientele base, because I'm an exclusive distributor of these drinks, and if people want to purchase them in bulk, I can gladly help them do that... you won't find XS at Costco, or Wal Mart, only thru an independent distributor!
So, I'm ready to have my 1 hour out of the way to move onto more beneficial things today.
That's about all for now.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2007|05:07 pm]
[Current Location |At home with a nice Irish brew!]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

What a nice day! I was able to leave work early, because my client's son is in town visiting, and I was able to take off at 4 instead of 6. I came home and wanted to get my main St. Patrick's Day ritual out of the way, and I stuffed my self out! I sooooo can't eat like I used to.
On the menu were: 2 cans pealed white potatoes with sweet cream butter, 2 cans (4 servings) corned beef hash with embellishments (Lowery's seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, diced/ dried onion, and Tabasco), a small slice of Kerrygold Dublaner cheese and 1 Killian's Red beer.
I'll describe my beer and the import cheese here, as there had been some response about this from my mention in an earlier post.
First Killian's Red. The label says 'George Killian's Irish Red Premium Lager since 1864.' And on the side it says 'The first Killian's recipe dates back to 1864 when George Killian's great grand father brewed the amber liquid in Enniscorthy, Ireland.
This beer (for a lager) is so much more 'tasteful' and manageable than Guinness... Not as desert oriented as Bailey's Irish Cream, or O'Mara's Irish Cream, but this is beer, not desert liqueur.
Now, Kerrygold Dublaner Cheese comes in a 7 oz. brick and the label on it says (from top to bottom) 100% natural. Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese. Aged Cheese with a distinct taste and a natural hint of sweetness. 7oz(198g). Imported from Ireland.
They have a web site www.kerrygold.com. There are a couple kinds of import cheeses and an Irish Sweet Cream Garlic Butter that they have to offer.
The Distinct taste and hint of sweetness are true. Think of a swiss cheese with a sweet cream butter type of sweet... not sugary, but not sharp and aggressive. This is an AWESOME cheese!
I am, however, sooooo stuffed! If I were St. Patrick, I couldn't drive myself out of Ireland, let alone snakes and such! I do want to down my other Killian's before I need to head out later. No worries, I'll be walking, and all the alcohol should be dissipated from my system by then anyway.
I would guess that the average Irish diet goes something like 'Guinness for breakfast, to wake up, a Killian's for lunch cuz it's light, and a Baily's for dinner/ desert'.
Anyway, in honor of my Dad... Happy St. Patrick's Day. I miss you. Thinking lots of good thoughts.
BTW, my Dad was from Chicago, huge Irish family(17 kids). My Grand mother was Irish and my Grand Father was Norwegian. Dad passed away 6 years ago... his name is Patrick, and growing up he always said that St. Patrick's Day was his personal day, cuz of his name and growing up in a huge Catholic family. It's the birthday of my ex-girl friend from Canada, too.
Anyhow, I'm gunna go, for now :) Irish eyes 'R' smilin'!
Oh, real quick, I ask my client today what the Norwegians over in Norway thought about the Irish. He thought for a sec and says "You know, the Vikings used to sail down and take the Irish women." I laughed hard, cuz it was soooo not the answer I was even remotely thinking I'd hear. Being a quarter Irish, a quarter Norwegian, and half mutt American, I can live with that answer just fine! :)
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Gone and lost fer ever Clementine... [Mar. 17th, 2007|09:20 am]
[mood |energeticenergetic]

My purpose for the visit to lj-land never did reoccur, so I'm off to my day!
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